How do you know when a brand is a part of Great Big Story?

Here at Great Big Story, we’re dedicated to bringing you awesome stories every day, and we often rely on commercial brands to support our global storytelling efforts. Instead of blistering you with loud, random ads you don’t want, GBS partners with brands to help them thoughtfully and transparently add to our daily storytelling experience through sponsorships and branded content.

Transparency and respect for our audience is our top priority. To that end, when a brand is supporting our storytelling we make it very obvious. You will see at least one of the following:

  • For brands that support our editorial series through sponsorships, we provide an impossible-to-miss “In Partnership With…” attribution in the content of the video and in the surrounding packaging on our site and apps.

  • For brands that support Great Big Story through integrations of their products, we provide a credit at the end of the video and in the relevant descriptive copy on our site and apps. For example, if Air Springfield provides air travel for storytellers to roam the world looking for Homer Simpson, a credit will appear: “Paid Transportation Provided by Air Springfield”.

  • In lieu of a 30-second pre-roll ad, Great Big Story will often produce “branded content” on behalf of an advertiser. This content lives up to the standards and voice of Great Big Story but is made by a dedicated, non-editorial team to help a brand get its message across. It is marked with the label “A Great Big Story By…”

We believe that great storytelling comes from all corners of the globe, and that you deserve to enjoy it uninterrupted, with creativity and transparency. If you have a suggestion on how we can make that experience even better, send us a note hey@greatbigstory.com. And, until then, enjoy the video.

-The Great Big Story Team