We Believe In The Power To Empower

Our mission is to help others tell their own stories. Part of that includes fostering the future of storytelling. We are proud to team up with Genesis to help film students turn their short documentary dreams into realities. Each student receives 1:1 mentorship from a Great Big Story producer, as well as resources to make and distribute their micro-docs.

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The Films

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A Family of Marionette Makers

Meiying Wu

Mingzhu Fu was born into art. Growing up watching his grandfather’s marionette performances. Forty years later, he continues on with his craft.

This Korean Calligraphy Artist Creates Large-Scale Works of Art

Hyerin Lee

Lee Hong-Jae takes his calligraphy art to an epic extreme, writing on a long scroll spread out on the ground with a big brush.

The Art of Becoming a Tightrope Clown

Arum Nam

Jungwoon Woo is studying to be a professional jultagi, a form of Korean tightrope walking that dates back to the Silla period.

Fishing Alongside Dolphins Off the Coast of Brazil

William Martin

Globally, fishermen and dolphins compete for the same fish. But in Laguna, Brazil, they work together.


InA Choi

When Buddhist Monk Daehae told people she would make a movie, no one believed her. But what she lacked in connections, she made up for in conviction.

The Castle That Melts

Ed Hancox

For years, a team of artists and engineers in New Hampshire has constructed a massive ice castle that lasts only until the weather warms.

The Students

InA Choi (2018)

InA Choi believes that if six billion people live on the physical planet, there are six billion metaphysical planets here.

She is a traveler of this multi-verse.

InA’s primary focus is film study, but she has interest in all kinds of media and believes everything can be the media.

She has made several narrative and documentary films as a director including, “Log-Out” (TRT 20min, 2015) and “Alice in Neverland” (TRT 22min, 2017).

Her documentary film “Undercover Paradise” (TRT 21min, 2016) made its world premiere in the eighth DMZ International Documentary Film Festival as part of the Asian Docs Co-Production Network.

Choi is currently enrolled in K’ARTS’ (Korea National University of Arts) School of Film, TV, and Multimedia undergraduate filmmaking program. She spent the previous academic year in an exchange program at Virginia Commonwealth University where she focused on kinetic imaging.

Ed Hancox (2018)

Ed Hancox is a filmmaker based in Texas, where he is currently a candidate in the M.F.A. Film Production program at the University of Texas at Austin.

His 2016 documentary film 219 was a BAFTA finalist and premiered at the Academy Award®-qualifying Palm Springs ShortFest. When it was released on the BBC’s on-demand service iPlayer, it was among the top ten most-streamed programs nationwide. Radio Times — the UK’s most prestigious TV guide — listed the “excellent” film as one of “5 things to watch right now”.

Hancox is a director and cinematographer for BBC Three’s Amazing Humans. His December 2017 report on a 77-year old ballet dancer was a viral sensation and the most-viewed film in the strand’s history, with 40,000,000 views on Facebook alone.

Previously, Hancox was based in London, where he worked as Online Producer for Unreported World, Channel 4’s foreign affairs documentary strand. He also produced for Channel 4 News. He has worked for international broadcasters including the BBC, ITV, the CBC (Canada), SBS (Australia) and NRK (Norway).

In 2011–12, Hancox spent 18 months working in Tunisia, where he produced documentaries about the aftermath of the Tunisian Revolution and helped set up an online video platform for citizen journalists.

Meiying Wu (2019)

“Meiying is a visual journalist fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Taiwanese. As a student at UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, she aims to amplify marginalized voices and produce stories about communities often hidden from the mainstream news narrative.

She has produced work for the San Francisco Chronicle and the Idaho Statesman. This summer, she worked as an intern at Sixth Tone, a Shanghai-based multimedia news outlet.

Meiying’s video story following a deaf community in India struggling to receive education resources won UC Berkeley’s Jonathan Kaminsky Memorial Award. She is a Nikon Storytellers Scholarship recipient. See more of Meiying’s work here.

William Martin (2019)

William is a 2016 graduate of NYU’s Tisch Photography and Imaging program, currently enrolled in NYU’s News & Documentary Graduate Program. He is also a National Geographic Explorer, Fledgling fund recipient, and Video Fellow at the GroundTruth Project working on international human rights documentaries. Currently he is finishing a short documentary, Daughters of Drought, with NYU graduate and Rhode Scholar Melissa Godin. The piece aims to highlight the gendered ways in which climate change is impacting woman’s health and gender-based discrimination in South East Africa. Looking ahead, William will be working with indigenous communities globally to create an hour long documentary on the growing and sometimes violent conflict between the environment, those who protect it, and the exploitative economies poisoning it. His multimedia work is currently featured in Time, Teen Vogue, The GroundTruth Project, BRIC Media, and Al Jazeera. Check out William’s project work here.

Arum Nam (2019)

Arum Nam is a master’s candidate at Korea’s National University of Arts with a concentration in documentary film. Arum spent time in U.S. in 2018 when she was enrolled in the University of Georgia’s intensive English program. Her work spans across TV, radio and film, with directorial distinctions from the Seoul Women’s Independent Film Festival, the University Film Festival of Korea and the Urban Film Festival.

Hyerin Lee (2019)

Hyerin Lee is a master’s candidate at Korea’s National University of Arts. In her years of filmmaking, Lee has served as producer, writer and director for several television series and documentaries that went on to screen at international film festivals. Her work has delved into topics ranging from the fundamental theory of musical instrument sounds to mob psychology in Korea and even career searching talk shows for teens.

Senior Producer Drew Beebe with 2018 Genesis Fellows InA Choi and Ed Hancox. Photo: Vincent Roazzi Jr.
Buddhist Monk Daehae at the premiere. Photo: Vincent Roazzi Jr.
Buddhist Monk Daehae with filmmaker InA Choi. Photo: Vincent Roazzi Jr.
Movie poster at the premiere. Photo: Vincent Roazzi Jr.
Ed Hancox, InA Choi and Buddhist Monk Daehae watching the films. Photo: Vincent Roazzi Jr.
Audience members in the theater. Photo: Vincent Roazzi Jr.
Q&A with the Fellows. Photo: Vincent Roazzi Jr.