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The Search for the First Street Fighter King

Forget Pac-Man, Donkey Kong or Mario—in the 1990s, Street Fighter II ruled the gaming world. And while every arcade had their own prodigal players, one L.A. teen eclipsed them all. Tomo Ohira became a legend in the gaming community, and arguably one of the greatest video game players to have ever lived. He laid claim to his status as a champion by competing and winning the ultimate Street Fighter II super tournament in 1994. Then one day, he disappeared …

Dust off your Atari: It’s time to delve into the unexpected tales behind your favorite video games with Great Big Story’s Emmy® nominated series, 8 Bit Legacy: The Curious History of Video Games. How did a game so bad become iconic? What does it REALLY take to become a Nintendo game master? And what ever happened to the Street Fighter II champion who simply disappeared one day?

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