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Celebrating Black Excellence By Photographing Children as Black History Icons

In 2013, Eunique Jones Gibson snapped photos of Black children dressed as icons like Muhammad Ali, Harriet Tubman, Spike Lee and Rosa Parks. The photos were released during Black History Month that year in a campaign she dubbed Because of Them We Can. The goal was to teach kids to embrace their cultural heritage and history. It wasn’t meant to be a long-term project, but the images resonated with people of all ages in a big way. Today, Because of Them We Can is still going strong. The multimedia platform produces photo series and videos shoots celebrating Black excellence. And Gibson never runs out of creative ideas for positive, uplifting content. We go behind-the-scenes of her latest news-themed video shoot, which casts an adorable bunch of little ones as Don Lemon, April Ryan, Angela Rye, Bakari Sellers and Andrew Gillum.


Washington, D.C.

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