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London: Guaca Fries

Chips, fries ... whatever you call them, they’re delicious enough to earn a starring role in your next meal. Poptata, in Southwest London’s Tooting Market, serves up an array of spud-centric dishes that blend cultures and satisfy cravings. It all started in the summer of 2015. After spending over 14 years in the luxury hospitality industry, Marco and Luca wanted to get in on London’s burgeoning street food scene. With the humble potato as their muse, they got to work creating irresistible combinations like Guaca Fries. The dish piles double-cooked, hand-cut potatoes with herbal seasoning, a touch of garlic, grilled Halloumi, British cheddar and smashed avocado.

Location: Poptata (Price: £3-6)


20 Totterdown Street London SW17 8TA

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