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Battle of the Boxes

Imagine a medieval battle—except instead of full-plate armor and gleaming longswords, it’s cardboard breastplates and paper-towel-roll warhammers. Actually, you don’t have to imagine. It’s called Boxwars.

So what the heck is Boxwars? In the words of Boxwars co-creator Ross Koger, it’s “a collective of people who love to get together, create cardboard creations, and then destroy them in an epic battle.”

It’s a challenge of creativity and imagination to craft the most epic and inspired loadout you can with cardboard, tape and glue. And it’s spreading. It started as Koger and some friends hitting one another with paper products in a park in Melbourne, Australia, and has expanded in both size and scope. There are Boxwars teams across Europe, the United States, and Japan. The event has grown to include constructing massive aircraft carriers, trains and other cardboard engineering marvels.

But no matter how grand the construction or varied the location, the end result of Boxwars is always the same: total annihilation of all cardboard creations in sight.

So at this point, you may be asking the most important question Boxwars faces: “WTF?” Koger knows how ridiculous it all seems, and he’s OK with that. As he says, “If you’re in a Boxwars, you’ve already lost.” It’s a rewarding release, it’s a celebration of friendship, a showcasing of creativity and a celebration of the “losers” (Koger’s words, not ours!) who revel in the craziness of life.


Melbourne VIC, Australia

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