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How CERN Is Uncovering the Secrets of Our Universe

Extra dimensions, dark matter and new particles—the universe’s deepest secrets are being explored by physicists at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland. The particle collider is a mind-blowing tool for scientific advancement, being used to recreate conditions similar to those that existed immediately following the Big Bang. It’s where the historic Higgs boson discovery was made in 2012. Experiments conducted in the collider generate a massive amount of data, and every bit must be captured and analyzed. Micron and CERN are working together in a public-private collaboration called CERN openlab; they’re testing new technology to help process and filter data in real time. And they’re looking for peculiar data—the more peculiar, the better. Here’s why.

This Great Big Story is by Micron.


Geneva, Switzerland

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