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Breaking Fast in Iran

It’s Ramadan, and Parvin Ghaemi, who is from Mashhad, Iran, has prepared an iftar meal centered around a dish that is popular in her country—a hearty soup called aash-e-reshte. It’s made up of vegetables, lentils, onion, reshte (a thin noodle) and kashk (a whey-like fermented dairy product). “It has all the nutrients which our bodies need,” Parvin points out. Pull up a chair and join her family for this special meal.

Ramadan, or Ramzan, is annually observed by Muslims around the world as a holy month of fasting, prayer and community. During this time, those observing will fast from dawn to sunset, refraining from eating or drinking as a means of purifying the body, mind and heart.

After sunset, many will gather to break their fast with family and friends, sharing a meal known as an iftar. Around the world, the languages and the foods might change, but the spirit of love and togetherness is all the same.



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