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Cracking the Code of Cicada 3301 | EPISODE 2

In 2012, a secretive group called 3301 released a puzzle known as Cicada. For years, it’s remained one of the internet’s greatest unsolved mysteries. In episode two, a band of online collaborators—Marcus Wanner, Nox Populi, OneCool, Brother Box and Shadow Walker—try to decode the “Liber Primus,” a 58-page book of runes that is key to solving Cicada. They’re in need of new ideas. Journalist Bryan Burrough goes to London to learn how England’s cryptographers decrypted messages the Germans were sending during World War II. Back in the U.S., OneCool learns about legendary codebreaker William Friedman’s methods from cryptography history expert and former NSA historian Craig Bauer; and Nox Populi seeks wisdom from cryptologist Elonka Dunin, who urges him and his friends to dig into the psychology of whoever created Cicada. She also poses a big question—what if there is no answer?

Find out how Edward Snowden is connected to the mystery in episode 3 of “Cicada 3301.”

Think You Have What it Takes to Solve Cicada?

We've gathered up the ultimate collection of code breaking inspiration to set you on your way to cypher solving excellence.

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