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In Denver, Fighting Homelessness at the Library

Cuica Montoya knows first-hand how a drug addiction can turn your life upside down. She lost her career and her house and experienced homelessness for three years. Following a stint in jail, she knew things had to change. This was not the direction her life was meant to take. Finding herself back on her feet through transitional programs, Cuica sought to give back, to become the person she once needed. She found herself at Denver’s Central Public Library, where staff host a peer navigator program, offering a hand and a home to those affected by drugs and homelessness. Today, as a peer support, she's using her own “Cuica Magic," helping guide others back to the lives they were meant to live.

In the spirit of the original defender, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Great Big Story is proud to celebrate the fearless, the headstrong and the undeterred with our series, “Defenders.” Watch the complete series now, and don't miss the next televised release of CNN Films’ documentary, “RBG” on Monday, September 9 at 8 p.m. EST.


Denver, CO, USA

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