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Helping the Homeless Get Back on Their Feet

Manuel Navarro used to hate running. Now, he loves it because it’s helping him get his life back on the right path. A former drug dealer who spent time in prison, Manuel is a member of Back on My Feet, a nonprofit that integrates running into its program to combat homelessness in 12 major cities. Manuel, who lives in San Francisco, meets his running partner and Back on My Feet volunteer, Pete Roller, three times a week. He feels empowered by the combination of exercise and encouragement.

“No one runs alone on our morning runs. Everyone runs together. This isn’t running with your headset in and you’re just doing your thing on your own. This is about running with someone else in the community. This is about supporting each other through whatever might be going on in any of your lives, whether it’s a member or volunteer,” said Katy Sherratt, CEO of Back on My Feet.

This Great Big Story was made possible by Dignity Health.

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