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Néle Azevedo Creates Monuments That Melt Away

Some artwork is designed to last for eternity. Néle Azevedo’s isn’t. She is known for sculpting human figures from ice and installing them in public spaces for all to see. Her most recent installation was in collaboration with Coors Light, in her home town of São Paulo. It’s a stunning sight—hundreds of human-shaped icicles seemingly suspended for a moment in time, lights reflecting from them as they slowly melt away. As they gently twist and sway, the water that gives them shape drips into pots and pans below, adding an aural element that grows louder—until suddenly they’re gone. Who knew melting ice could be so beautiful?

This Great Big Story is by Coors Light, Celebrate Responsibly® 2019 Coors Brewing Co., Golden, CO..


São Paulo, Brazil

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