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Japan’s Town With No Waste

The village of Kamikatsu in Japan has taken their commitment to sustainability to a new level. While the rest of the country has a recycling rate of around 20 percent, Kamikatsu surpasses its neighbors with a staggering 80 percent. After becoming aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide associated with burning garbage, the town instated the Zero Waste Declaration with the goal of being completely waste-free by 2020.


Kamikatsu, Katsuura District, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan

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10 Products for a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Saving the planet may feel like a huge challenge, but there are simple steps you can take to leave a smaller footprint on the Earth. From beeswax wraps to all natural deodorant, these products make a world of difference.

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.

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