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What Love Looks Like Around the World

There are over 6,500 languages in the world. But the one language we all share is sometimes the most complicated to understand—love. We traveled around the world to meet couples whose love has stood the test of time. Each of our couples have been together for at least 30 years (some as many as 61!) and they’ve picked up plenty of wisdom about life and love and marriage along the way. From Ghana to Brazil, from St. John, Indiana, to the Philippines, this is what love looks like around the world.

Read each of their love stories, below.


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Anastasia & Demetrius

St. John, Indiana
married 56 years

When Anastasia first started dating Demetrius, she was hospitalized for three months with a dislocated hip.

“He said, 'When you come out of the hospital, we'll get married,'” Anastasia recalls. “I said, 'What if I won't be able to walk?' He said, 'I will carry you.' How do you say no to a proposal like that?” Since then, life together has only gotten better with age.

“I miss him more now than, let's say, 10 years ago. You feel a deeper love, a deeper closeness now.” Anastasia says.

“She is my best,” says Demetrius. “I'm very, very, very lucky.”


Seth & Janet

Sokode-Etoe, Ghana
married 48 years

The first time Seth met Janet was at their town's annual yam festival.

“I was drawn to her dance moves,” he remembers. “It was love at first sight.” Since then, they've been moving through life together.

“He loves people,” says Janet about her husband. “He is always making people happy, but above all, I love his smile.”


Lisa & Lisa

New York, New York
married, together 30 years

Lisa T. and Lisa D. share a name, an apartment and a red-headed parrot. When Lisa D. met her wife for the first time at a party, she could tell immediately that she was a kind and generous person.

“She didn't want me to be alone, didn't want me to have to take the train by myself. That's what she's like, generally, and you don't find that in everyone.”

“You really have a friend for life, which not everyone does,” says Lisa D. “You know that somebody cares, and you care … and you become as one."


Rodilia & Pablo

Tawala, Philippines
married 61 years

For Pablo, meeting Rodilia was love at first sight. And in their 61 years of marriage, that love has not changed.

“There is no difference between the love I feel today and the past 10 years. My love for her has never waned.”

“For me, love is to seek life while we are still alive,” continues Pablo. “We have to treasure it because time will come and God will take it.”


Thomas & Kenalemang

Rustenburg, South Africa
married 45 years

Thomas and Kenalemang were married in 1975 in the midst of apartheid. They had to delay their wedding ceremony for years because of riots in town. But from then on, they had each other for support. For Kenalemang, keeping a successful marriage is all about give and take.

“You can't love when you're not loving yourself,” she says. “Love must have respect, it must have mutual trust, it must really have boundaries.”

“Love also cools down emotions,” Thomas adds. “When things get out of hand, love takes over.”


Christopher & Bruce

Asheville, North Carolina
married, together 34 years

When Christopher and Bruce first met at film school, they couldn't have imagined the life they had ahead of them.

“When we first met, I said to Bruce, I'm not sure I can do a long term relationship, because I had only had a series of short ones before then,” Christopher recalls. “And then suddenly we were at five years, six years, seven years, eight years, now going on 34. I guess that solved my problem.”

“You know, it helps to be in love with your best friend,” Christopher continues. “It helps to complement each other in strengths and weaknesses.”


Pandurang & Saubhagywati

Pune, India
married 61 years

Pandurang and Saubhagywati were first introduced to each other in 1958.

“There wasn't a concept of love marriage,” says Pandurang. “Marriage was usually decided by the elders.” But the second they met, they knew there could be something special.

“I made up my mind when I saw him,” remembers Saubhagywati. “He sat with such swagger.” Since then, their relationship has grown stronger and stronger.

“We never get bored because we have so many interests,” says Saubhagywati. “Forget about getting bored, we feel there is not enough time to do all the things we love.”


Edith & Donald

Lansing, Michigan
married 52 years

Edith and Donald grew up within blocks of each other—they attended the same church, and even the same preschool. But they didn't meet until they were teenagers.

“He said, 'Can I have your phone number?'” Edith remembers. “I said, 'No, I have a boyfriend.'”

“That was a challenge,” Thomas recalls. But there were bigger things in store for them.

“I knew he was a good person,” says Edith. “All of my friends said, 'This is the one for you.' I finally came to realize I was in love with Donald … I'd already found the person that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and we were just 18 years old.”


Odir & Dulce

São Paulo, Brazil
married 60 years and 6 months

On July 9, 1958, Dulce got into a taxi driven by Odir. Over six decades later, they are still riding together.

“I wouldn't change anything about who we were, over the 60 years with travels, with our sons, with our grandsons, with everything,” says Odir.

“We love each other, even now as seniors,” says Dulce. “We don't know how to live without each other.”


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