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How a Somali Refugee Is Creating Community in Minnesota, One Dinner at a Time

Hudda Ibrahim and her family fled civil war in Somalia for a new life in St. Cloud, Minnesota. She soon discovered that her neighbors were curious about Somali culture, but many were afraid to ask questions. Instead of falling to assumptions and misconceptions, Hudda wanted to encourage a community based on conversation. She started Dine and Dialogue—a program that invited her neighbors to ask questions and get to know each other, all over a home-cooked meal. From hijabs to Sharia law, no subject is off the table. Today, she continues to host this open forum every month, bridging the gap between people and finding a path to compassion through the stomach.

The story of America is the story of immigrants. We teamed up with Minnie Driver to share stories of some incredible individuals building a stronger, more united America. Check them all out in our latest series, “I Am An Immigrant.”


St. Cloud, Minnesota

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