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How Elephant Seals Help Scientists Explore the Deep Sea

At first glance, elephant seals may seem like slothful creatures content to laze about. But time on the shore (where they can move as fast as humans can run) is only a small part of their story. Elephant seals are natural deep-sea explorers, and their ability to swim thousands of miles out—and a mile deep—into the ocean makes them tremendous research collaborators. In this episode of “Mission Wild,” Wes joins Rachel Holser and her team from University of California Santa Cruz as they tag a 1,000-lb elephant seal, amidst a motley crew of onlookers.

Join wildlife biologist Wes Larson on a mission across the United States to find the next generation of conservationists. Stay tuned for a new story in our latest series, “Mission Wild,” every day this week.

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