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The Fight to Save the Everglades

The Florida Everglades have long been plagued by invasive species. However, in recent years a particularly menacing new threat has emerged—an Argentinian lizard known as a tegu. No one knows for certain how the reptiles made it to the area, but their population has exploded to a problematic high. Tegus are particularly voracious creatures that love to eat the eggs of birds, turtles and even alligators. University of Florida researcher Jenna Cole is on the front lines of the fight to quell the threat, painstakingly trapping and removing the tegus, one by one.

Join wildlife biologist Wes Larson on a mission across the United States to find the next generation of conservationists. Stay tuned for a new story in our latest series, “Mission Wild,” every day this week.


Florida, USA

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