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Watching Over Birds of Prey

On a remote mountaintop in Eastern Nevada, a dedicated team of conservationists has been keeping watch for over 30 years. Their mission? To count and record every single raptor and bird of prey that flies past to keep track of their populations. Over the years, HawkWatch International has counted over 13 million birds across their network of observation sites. Since hawks sit on the top of the food chain, any drastic changes in their populations signals problems with the balance of their eco-system. If these hawks start to disappear, HawkWatch is the first to blow the whistle so we can take steps to address the problem.

Join wildlife biologist Wes Larson on a mission across the United States to find the next generation of conservationists. Stay tuned for a new story in our latest series, “Mission Wild,” every day this week.


Goshute Mountains, Nevada, USA

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