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Pizza Around the World, From Mexico to Nepal

We’re all grown-ups here. Or very mature children. Which means we can debate exactly what should go on a pizza without descending into chaos, right? Well, we’ll see. In the latest episode of “Around the World,” we take a look at how pizza is prepared by seven people in seven countries, including Mexico, Sweden and Nepal. And no topping—from corn to grasshoppers to bananas—is off the table. Let the great pizza debate begin.



Blue corn pizza

Alejandro Souza, the founder of Mexico City’s Pixza, has taken pizza and made it distinctly Mexican. The deliciousness starts with a crunchy blue cornmeal crust. Then Souza piles on traditional Mexican ingredients like corn salad, hibiscus and squash blossom. Pizza topped with grasshoppers is the most popular of the 17 varieties offered at his restaurant.




It takes nothing less than magic hands to make the cheese bread known as khachapuri, according to Dali Tsatava, an expert in Georgian gastronomic culture. The dough for this pizza-like treat is gently kneaded in warm milk and stuffed with two kinds of cheese, including a layer of sulguni battered in egg yolk, before it’s baked. Tsatava calls this cheese bread a “hedonistic pleasure.”



Banana curry pizza

Pizza should be a regular part of everyone’s diet, according to Mehmed Aslan. “I recommend you eat pizza once a week,” says the man behind the counter at Stockholm’s Pizzeria Pino. One of the shop’s most popular pies is topped with banana, pineapple and curry. Some people might balk at the notion of banana on pizza. But it’s popular with Aslan’s customers.




Chatamari is not technically pizza. It’s a traditional Nepali dish made up of an egg, black lentils and minced meat placed on top of a round slab of dough. But Merina Byanjankar, who runs an eatery in Patan with her sisters, transforms this protein-packed meal into pizza by sprinkling cheese on top at the request of her younger customers.



Zanzibar beef pizza

Muhamadi Alyas Magingo is the self-proclaimed King of Zanzibar pizza. Using a recipe from Kenya, he makes pizza at his stand in Forodhani Gardens Park, a seaside area full of street food. Magingo fries his thin pizza dough on a grill, topping it with mayonnaise, cheese, egg and beef with masala spice. And he flips it to form a pattie-like pizza that’s easy to eat while walking along the water.



Catupiry pizza

Catupiry pizza is a classic Italian pizza with a distinctly Brazilian touch—a creamy cheese called Catupiry. “Once you try it, you can’t live without it,” says José Lourenço dos Santos Junior, who runs a pizza restaurant in São Paulo. Catupiry cheese, a brand from Brazil, comes in a bottle and is squeezed on top of pizza to create rows of cheesy deliciousness.



Pizza fritta

Annamaria Passante of Naples, Italy, invites us into her home to show us how she makes pizza fritta, which translates into fried pizza. After frying round blobs of dough in oil, she tops them with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil. Why fry the dough? Neapolitans started frying their pizza dough after World War II destroyed their ovens, her husband Giuseppe explains.

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