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Breaking Fast in Russia

During Ramadan, many gather in Moscow to break fast together. We join one family preparing ugro (meat soup) and plov (rice pilaf) for their iftar. “In my opinion, men cook this very well,” Farhod says of the plov, which he is making outdoors in a big cauldron. “Each cook has his own recipe for cooking pilaf,” he notes. “For example, I do not add anything to the pilaf except traditional ingredients and chickpeas.”

Ramadan, or Ramzan, is annually observed by Muslims around the world as a holy month of fasting, prayer and community. During this time, those observing will fast from dawn to sunset, refraining from eating or drinking as a means of purifying the body, mind and heart.

After sunset, many will gather to break their fast with family and friends, sharing a meal known as an iftar. Around the world, the languages and the foods might change, but the spirit of love and togetherness is all the same.

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