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Finding Music After Battling Brain Disease

After being diagnosed with a rare, potentially fatal brain condition known as Moyamoya, Jennifer Lee was forced to consider the things in life she held most precious. For the electronic producer known as TOKiMONSTA, music was her lifeblood. But, two brain surgeries later, Lee had lost her language abilities, and—most significantly—she had lost music. It had all warped into noise, “like an airplane in the sky.” Through recovery she discovered a new approach to life, and with time, hope and perseverance, music found its way back to her. Now, Lee has returned to the electronic scene with her Grammy-nominated album “Lune Rouge,” a musical affirmation of her sound and herself.

On Great Big Story’s first episode of “Soundwave,” we break down the life, the inspiration and the surprising techniques that go into creating TOKiMONSTA’s sonic stories.


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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