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#StayHomeFilmChallenge: What Story Could You Tell In 60 Seconds?

Hello all you filmmakers, animators, illustrators, camera-phone owners—we want to put your creative chops to the test.

The goal: make a short 60 second film, in ANY genre, from the safety and comfort of your home. You can use a cell phone or a professional camera, it can be a stop motion piece, a live-action comedy, an animated short, a horror film—wherever your imagination takes you!

You do NOT have to be a filmmaker by trade to get in on this fun. We want to see everyone’s creativity using the hashtag #StayHomeFilmChallenge.

How to submit your film: Post your masterpiece to your (public!) account, tag us @greatbigstory on Instagram, and use the hashtag #stayhomefilmchallenge. We’ll post some of our favorites on Instagram and Facebook (and maybe even YouTube). Right now, we're only looking at submissions posted on social media.

Be as creative as possible. Happy filmmaking!!

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