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That Time Jimi Hendrix Opened for The Monkees

In the storied summer of 1967, there was an ever-so-brief (and ever-so-strange) combination of two ever-so-different musical icons: The Monkees and Jimi Hendrix. Monkees drummer Micky Dolenz recounts the brief period of time that the legendary guitarist was the opening act for the pop boy-band sensation. While the pairing of the two acts seemed like a good—if novel—idea at the time, that quickly proved not to be the case. Some things just aren't meant to be…


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14 Things That Will Channel Your Inner Flower Child

Wish you were at the original three days of peace, love and music? Us too. That’s why we put together a guide of what you need for your own hippie Woodstock-themed adventure.

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