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This Astropreneur Is Laser-Focused on Bringing the Internet to All

Astropreneur Mohammad Danesh isn’t just dreaming of a world in which everyone has access to high-speed internet—he’s working hard to make it a reality. The co-founder of Singapore startup Transcelestial Technologies has built a compact laser communication device that’s at the heart of his strategy. By extending the reach of the internet, he may also be helping to bridge the digital divide for those in need around the world. Danesh steps out of his office and heads up to the roof to show us how it works. He also shares otherworldly ambitions involving space lasers and satellites that could further revolutionize internet delivery.

NOTE: This story was filmed prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Great Big Story encourages everyone to stay safe and continue to social distance.

This Great Big Story was made possible by Singapore Tourism Board, Enterprise Singapore, and the Singapore Economic Development Board.



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