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The Family That Stacks Together

Ask any Texan: everything is better, bigger and badder in Texas. It’s a land of myths and heroes, the biggest state of the lower 48—and from barbecue to burritos, South by Southwest to Longhorns football, if it can be done, there’s a Texas version of it that’s gonna be bolder than the rest. So meet Trey Griffith. At 14 years old, he’s already the fastest sport stacker in the great Lone Star State, and he’s on his way to conquer the rest of the world with the attitude that only a Texan can bring.

But before we get into Trey’s story, we should probably talk about sport stacking. In an era where Overwatch and other esports are shown on ESPN and golf is played with frisbees, cup stacking is a refreshingly simple sport. The object is to stack 12 plastic cups, in preordained combinations and shapes, as quickly as possible, racing for the fasted time to unstack, complete the necessary combinations and re-stack your cups. It’s not hard to understand, but it takes incredible muscle memory, discipline and attention to detail to compete. And those areas are where Trey really shines. He is able to put his spectacular skills to ruthless use with a razor-sharp focus that sets him apart from all competition.

Just like any Texan hero’s story, though, Trey’s incredible individual accomplishments in the sport stacking world don’t come solo. Trey’s family has been behind his rise as one of the world’s best stackers from day one, and, as they say, “the family that stacks together stays together.” Trey’s dad even stacks with his son in competitive team-stacking events, and the whole family accompanies Trey to events all over the world, where they’ve made lasting friendships and brought their Texas-sized teamwork to the global stacking community. So watch out for Trey. He’s walking tall, stacking hard, and he’s got a team and a goal that only a legend could claim. Don’t mess.


Fort Worth, TX, USA

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