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Green With Happiness: Meet the Jolly Green Lady of Brooklyn

You could say that Elizabeth Sweetheart has an all-time favorite color. Known as the “Green Lady” of Brooklyn, Sweetheart lives her whole life in the color green—everything except for her husband, that is.

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, Sweetheart grew up wanting to be an artist—a profession she says her father particularly didn’t care for. But after visiting him in Florida when she was older, Sweetheart began seeing green everywhere: in the water, in the palm trees, in the atmosphere of Florida. And bit by bit, she began adding the color to her art, and her wardrobe, and her home, until she immersed herself in all things green.

Now sporting green hair, wearing green clothes and living in a house filled with green (including the front door), Sweetheart has been living in a green world for almost 20 years at this point. You can find her always wearing her signature green overalls—of which she owns over 30 pairs.

But Sweetheart isn’t just a woman who loves green; she is a trained artist who has worked with painters like Alex Colville, owned her own design studio and created prints for companies like Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. But for New Yorkers, she is still best known as the Green Lady; people will always stop her to ask for a photo or a selfie, and she always graciously obliges.

Sweetheart has stayed green for so long because she loves it, but also because she says it puts a smile on the faces of everyone who sees her. It makes them happy, she says, and she loves to know she can have such an effect on the world by just donning her favorite color.

“When you are young, you tend to think you look good in black, but as you get older, you realize that color is so fun,” Sweetheart says. “I will continue to be green because it is so positive. I think when it is not, then I’ll change to my next favorite thing.”


New York, NY, USA

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