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Chalk of Champions

Every industry has its own set of great tools. Musicians strive for the finest crafted instruments; artists use the highest quality brushes. And as for mathematicians? Well, it’s all about that good old-fashioned chalk. But this story isn’t about any ordinary chalk.

Hagoromo is more than just a chalk; for some of the world’s best math professors, it’s a way of life. The Japanese brand has become legendary within the field—it’s not math if it isn’t done with Hagoromo. The story goes that anyone who wields the power of the chalk is unable to write a false theorem. The Rolls-Royce of chalk, the Stradivarius of school supplies, Hagoromo is the way to a true mathematician’s heart.

There’s no crazy chalk dust, no excess residue left on the blackboard and none of that horrible, skin-crawling scratching. Hagoromo glides effortlessly across the blackboard, leaving one less thing to worry about when trying to solve the problems that define our world. Some have wondered whether the secret ingredient is angel tears. For math professors, it’s Hagoromo or bust.

That was even clearer when the chalk’s life expectancy seemed to be suddenly cut short. Announcements that Hagoromo could be going out of business resulted in a “chalk apocalypse” within the math world. What followed was a frenzy of mass buying, hoarding and back alley dealing to discreetly sell the world-class chalk from professor to professor. Forget trying to hunt down a Tickle-Me-Elmo days before Christmas; the mathematics black market turned Hagoromo into a white-hot commodity among professors.

Fortunately, a chalk savior soon came to the rescue. A Korean factory recently began reproducing the legendary writing implement. No longer did professors and theorists need to rely on shady inter-classroom trading to get their chalk fix. Harmony had been restored.

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