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How One Woman Broke Japan’s Sake Ceiling to Become a Brewmaster

Mako Yoshida is a toji—aka a brewmaster—at Yoshida Sake Brewery in Eiheiji, Japan. The 27-year-old was elevated to the position three years ago when her father fell ill. At the time, Yoshida was the youngest woman to ever become a toji. She worried she didn’t have the experience to assume the role back then. But with the unyielding support of her mother and a legacy to uphold at a family brewery in operation for well over 200 years, Yoshida threw herself into the back-breaking work, and it’s paid off with global recognition. The toji shares the secret behind her award-winning brew.

This Great Big Story was made possible by Northwestern Mutual. Here for what’s most important, today and tomorrow.


Eiheiji, Japan

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