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Black Voices Speak Their Truth: What They Wish You Knew

Inspired by the storytellers, the conversations and the art that have arisen from the Black Lives Matter movement, we know that there are a lot more stories that need to be told, and a lot more listening that needs to be done. So we handed the mic over to Black people across the U.S. to ask them to share their thoughts, their feelings and their experiences with us. We worked with artists and animators to bring their words to life. Here is what they wish you knew.

Listen to all the stories, including the ones that didn’t make it into the video, down below.

Alexa, New York, Age 27

Ramona, Missouri, 70

Lisa, UK, 31

Bria, Washington DC, 23

Tyler, New York, 28

Shawn, New York, 40

Lavonne, 38

Shama, UK, 23

Dejinay, New York, 31

Equel, New Jersey, 24


Zaria, Ohio, 47


Tiana Marie, New Jersey, 29

Tanya, Maryland

Sami, New York, 37

Rasheera, Georgia, 29

Rashad, Georgia, 30

Peter, New Jersey, 37

Khadija, Canada, 28

Kayra, New York, 23

Kalynne, Virginia, 23

Jozina, New York, 25

Gavin, New York, 32

Denarius, New York, 29

Danielle, Virginia, 29

Chelsea, Nevada, 25

Charmaine, California, 30

Archie, California, 30

Andre, California, 28

Ana, Portugal, 28

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